20 New Upcoming Cameras for Google Street View

8 months ago in Tech
20 New Upcoming Cameras for Google Street View

Google declared that their hardware partner will deliver them 20 high-quality 360-degree cameras so that we can make our own Street View images, and we will get them by the end of this year. They will have four different categories and this will give us the flexibility to choose the best way to upload imagery based on our interests.

These four categories are:

1.‘Mobile ready’ devices for uploading PC-free 360-degree images straight from an app

2.‘Auto ready’ cameras specifically designed to be mounted on vehicles

3.‘VR ready’ gadgets for virtual reality and connected 360-degree images

4.‘Workflow ready’ cameras that will come directly equipped with publishing software for the platform



As far as we know the company has already added GoPro and Samsung to the list, and some other brands. With this approach of google, we will be able to create our own Street View images by our iOS and Android devices.

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