A Chicken Box By KFC Which Is Also a Game Controller

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A Chicken Box By KFC Which Is Also a Game Controller

Today, the company started launched a to-go chicken box that works also as a Bluetooth game controller. KFC named it  ‘Gamer’s Box 2.0’. KFC is always on the verge of making weird gadgets and people always show interest in these projects.

game controller

Mountain Dew sponsored KFC in their venture. So, if you buy the chicken box you will also get a soda. In the video given below, you can see the hands-on device features.

Mountain Dew is mounted on the top of the box. When you remove the soda, it will work as your phone holder. Place the phone removing the soda, pair the device by Bluetooth, and play as much as you can. You can find many games now that you can play by Bluetooth controller.

Go to the official pages of KFC India and comment in the gaming box video to win a box. You can also find this in Mountain Dew’s official pages.




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