A New Deodorizing Hanger That Can Skip Your Laundry Day!

6 months ago in Tech
A New Deodorizing Hanger That Can Skip Your Laundry Day!

Panasonic Launched a New Deodorizing Hanger

Panasonic is going to launch a new deodorizing hanger. This is actually a great news for the busy people those who don’t have the leisure to have a laundry day. Panasonic has made a product that can make your clothes smell good as new.

Using nano technology they are able to kill the bad odor. This hanger uses tiny water droplets to deodorize the clothes as like as when we wash our clothes with water. In short, it just uses steam but they are billion times smaller.



As we saw the release in Japan, the hanger uses these tiny particles of eight different ports and there are two different modes.

To make the odor go off the user just simply has to hang them on the hanger and put it into normal mode. After that he/she will have to wait five hours. But if someone has to use it on deep odor then he will have to put it to the long mode and this time the cost is seven hours. A tip from Panasonic is if you use long mode then for the best effect put the cloth inside a cover.

Panasonic will sell this hanger on this September. And if you want to get a hold the of it then you will have to pay at least 20,000 yen which is $180.




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