Ad Blocker in Chrome – “Threat to the Advertisers?”

9 months ago in Apps
Ad Blocker in Chrome – “Threat to the Advertisers?”

The news that Google is building an ad blocker in chrome shocked the advertising industry. The news turned out to be true but partially. Google would make the product,but not without the consultation of advertisers. Google would discuss the idea with advertising industry to implement standard format of ads so that the ads that become disturbance to a user friendly experience gets blocked. So I think the advertisers shouldn’t fear this product as they are doing now.

Google already started to talk with advertisers. Recently they talked with an ad industry trade group named “Coalition for Better Ads” regarding the ad blocking feature on chrome. Counsel of Coalition for Better Ads, Stu Ingis stated that the product would be very friendly towards advertising and media company, would follow the standard formats of advertising and those standards would be determined within 1 year.

As per their opinion, Ad Blocking is not an accurate term for this product since it is not blocking all the ads. This product will only block the ads which are annoying and don’t follow the standard formats of advertising. Because of the inappropriate use of ads in websites, the websites take more time to respond which makes them slow and unusable.

Advertisers fear the word Ad Blocker, but since Google is making sure to consult them to make the ads lighter and less annoying, they should be hopeful about it. It will also make the customers happy.


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