Apple’s Siri powered wireless charging dock

5 months ago in Apple
Apple’s Siri powered wireless charging dock

There is a rumor in the tech industry that Apple is bringing wireless charging feature to it’s iPhone. Probably, this will come with iPhone 8 deluxe with the necessary accessories to support the feature.

As a member of Wireless Power Consortium Apple will follow the Qi inductive standard. To provide the power of the feature, they need to build an additional device which we still don’t know how they will provide.

Recently, Apple is granted a patent spotted by ‘The Verge’. From the designs, it seems that it is a dock for iPhone with the feature of wireless energy transfer.



In the patent, there is a description of a feature called “a voice recognition mode of the portable electronic device”. Clearly, they are talking about Siri. The patent was filed in 2012. So, you can think that they will integrate Siri directly to the Dock as they already have that developed technology.

People would be way more excited about this wireless charging option than anything else. There is no way to confirm whether Apple is working on the design or not. Also, you can’t say something definite about it’s arrival. But, let’s just hope that we will be able to get our hands on this amazing feature with the arrival of iPhone 8.

via Mashable


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