BMW’s Zero Emission Bike Looks Insane

8 months ago in Gear Tech
BMW’s Zero Emission Bike Looks Insane

BMW is showing its vision of how vehicles of the future should look like and work. They are doing that by revealing various concepts of vehicles which look really futuristic. Recently, BMW revealed ‘BMW Motorrad Concept Link’ which is a┬ázero-emission bike.


BMW refuses to label their new creation as motorcycle or scooter. The Concept Link is sleek in design. But this is not where it ends. From the name, we can contemplate that it is all about the link that means connectivity. It can sync with rider’s calendar. The Concept Link can also find routes to the rider’s destination and determine the quickest or shortest path to do it so that the rider don’t have to worry about the routes.



The inside of the windshield acts as a display where the information projects itself. Below the handlebars, there is a secondary screen for showing additional information.

BMW also stated that the bike will also connect to the rider’s gear by providing a touch sensitive jacket. The jacket allows the rider for hands-free controlling. About the concept link, BMW said, “It provides a large number of possible ways of interacting with the outside world and for communicating with other vehicles”


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