China’s Is Making Their Own Wikipedia, Hired 20000

8 months ago in Cyber
China’s Is Making Their Own Wikipedia, Hired 20000

It is now more than 12 years of blocking Wikipedia by the Chinese government. So the need for an online reference system is increasing day after day. In order to address the necessity of an online encyclopedia, they are building their own system so that they can maintain control over what is published while having an encyclopedia and they are hiring 20,000 people to do the job.

The editor-in-chief of the project Yung Muzhi described the Chinese encyclopedia as “a great wall of culture”. This encyclopedia will showcase their science and technological developments, cultural & historical facts and the core values of socialism. Chinese Encyclopedia will go live in 2018. The government has already employed thousands of researchers and scholars to write and contribute in more than a hundred categories. If they can continue their work like this they will be able to have a knowledge base with more than 300,000 articles each of which is 1,000 words long.

It still is not clear that this project will be translated or not so that the readers outside China can read it. Hopefully, it will be translated and we all can flip through a few pages of this great initiative taken by the Chinese government.

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