Has Launched ‘panda’ an $88 Universal Car Interface

5 months ago in Tech Has Launched ‘panda’ an $88 Universal Car Interface Has launched a universal car interface

This chip is the company’s latest product. An $88 universal car interface which called Panda. There is a team of 20 people who are working on the self-driving car startup. This chip ‘Panda’ is a small black and white dongle that you connect to your car to gather the data.



There are so many dongles like Panda which some platforms like Automatic and Mojio are using. Panda will give you a greater range of data by plugging into a car by OBDII port(almost all the cars have this port which is being made after 1996). Panda has USB and Wi-Fi capabilities and you can also use it like charging doc.


Hotz demoed an app called Chffr that can record users driving data and a software that interpret this data called Cabana. Chffr is is a cloud connected dash cam that can record the video of accident and also you can’t use it to monitor the new driver. If the car has all the necessary sensors then if you accelerate then all the actions will be visible. Cabana takes the data from Chffr and interprets it to the user. They are hoping to sell at least 1000 units at launch.


-via TechCrunch


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