This Device Can Make Water Out of Thin Air!

8 months ago in Science
This Device Can Make Water Out of Thin Air!

EcoloBlue Launches their awesome product which can produce water out of the humidity of the air.

If someone tells you they can make water appear out of thin air, you should believe them now. Cause a US based manufacturer made a water purifier that can produce water using the humidity of the air. Of course, we all know the air has a certain level of humidity and some of us even know how to use that to produce water in case of emergency. But this is a much larger scale mechanism than that.



The device that does the job is called The EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) or simply ‘Ecoloblue’. It can produce up to 8 gallons or 32 liters of water daily. That’s just the case for the home device. They also produce bigger and more powerful device for office or large operations.



The possibilities for this device is huge. If there’s no source of water nearby, then this device can do wonders.

But nothing comes perfectly in this world. The device will work properly if the air humidity level is at 50% or more; though it is said that, the device will work at 30% humidity level as well. In summer it’s all good and dandy, but in the winter it might not do as well. Though you can connect the device to your water supply and it will purify the water just like any other purifier out there.

There’s also the cost of power. The data sheet says this thing uses around 1 kWh per gallon of water. That means 8 kWh for a full tank. That’s a lot of energy consumption and the cost for that will be very high no matter where you’re from.

Judging by all this, we can say that, this device has potential, but it’s yet not ready for mass usage.


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