Earbuds with a Slider for Intensity of Silence

9 months ago in Tech
Earbuds with a Slider for Intensity of Silence

dBuds area fancy pair of ear plugs has a slider to change how much noise it will block. It’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter. They have a built-in slider to alternate between “open” and “closed” positions, reducing noise intake by 15 dBs or 30 dBs. Its creator is a Swedish company named EarLabs. They claim that a built-in “acoustic filter” (a fabric mesh).there is no electronic parts in the dBuds.  It also allows the wearer to block out loud unwanted sounds, while still hearing nearby noises, like conversations. Its built-in magnets round off the design features, letting you to click the buds together for safe keeping.

Now the question is, do the dBuds work as well as EarLabs promises? The company’s promo video is really flashy but at the end of the day, these are just earplugs with a slider with a built-in slider. They don’t use any hi-tech or sophisticated technology. But they look quite amazing.

-via theverge


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