Ever Wondered What Cyber Criminals Use for Communication?

8 months ago in Cyber
Ever Wondered What Cyber Criminals Use for Communication?

A study done by the researchers of an intelligence firm named Flashpoint indicated that Skype is the most popular communication tool for cyber criminals which surprised everyone because that means it surpassed by other highly competitive services like WhatsApp, Viber etc. Quoting Flashpoint, “The results of this study address the following questions:

1. Which national state is the trendsetter in selecting communication tools, based on prominence and track  record, and why?

2. The widespread popularity of which application demonstrates that convenience often outweighs both  sophistication and operational security?

3. Which application was most popular among English-speaking cyber criminals in 2012 and what do those results look like today?

4. How can organizations direct intelligence-led initiatives while cultivating an increased understanding of the complex variables driving cyber criminal behavior?

Skype topped the chart for sure but the researchers found out that the scammers chose their preferred tool for communication  based on some factors like where they live, what languagethey speak, ease of use and concerns about security. Skype was used mostly by English and Russian speaking users. According to a similar study conducted in 2012, Spanish and Arabic cyber criminals also used Skype to do their work, but now they are switching to platforms like WhatsApp for security reasons. What the study found interesting is that ICQ is also holding itself in this race of popularity too. It has probably happened due to the excellence the Russian online hacking community holds.


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