Expectations from iPhone 8 specially after Samsung Galaxy S8

9 months ago in Mobile
Expectations from iPhone 8 specially after Samsung Galaxy S8

Apple rumors about the iPhone 8 are continuing since the release of iPhone 7 and 7s. One of those rumors claims Apple removed the touch id in the back of the phone which Apple has been longing to do since forever. Apple wants to keep it all screen. Samsung Galaxy s8 did exactly the same thing. They put the finger print sensor slightly upward than Apple.  It would be fairly difficult to put the finger print where they want to. The problem is they can’t figure out yet how to integrate the technology underneath the screen. There are some annoying complaints about iPhone 7 which Apple may want to fix for iPhone 8. They took away the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack from the phone. It was a really courageous for Apple to execute it. However the annoying part was iPhone 7 users can’t use the headphone and charge the phone at the same time. Still Apple sold 10s of millions of these iPhones. It was the biggest sale for any other version of iPhones. The complaint is like an Achilles heel for this product.

Lance Ulanoff, editor of Mashable thinks Samsung has done an excellent job with their brand new Galaxy s8. This is the phone Samsung needed to come up with after note 7 fiasco. Samsung has released Galaxy s8 as 5.8 inch and 6.2 screen. It sounds tremendously big, but the edges are curved so it doesn’t feel too big. Users claim it is beautiful and it feels so smooth touching the phone. Apple needs to consider about the curved edges for iPhone8 after the first design leak on twitter. Many of the users, tech Youtubers called the leaked design “unattractive”. Apple fans just pray and hope that it was a fake one. Apple needs some changes boring same design for 3 consecutive years.

The infinity display of Galaxy s8 is splendid and it has super AMOLED. Opti core process makes it super fast. They are leading on the Android side. They also added water resistance like iPhone 7 and 7s and users admitted they are doing it better than iPhone. It is easy to use under water than 7s. So Samsung Galaxy s8 release has turned the pressure high on iPhone 8 expectations.

Apple iPhone was highly criticized on bending. Look at the bright side, one of the iPhone users seemed so happy to accidentally slam the phone in the car door without even a single crack, only the bending happened! Whatever the problems are, apart from that this is the year of Apple iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Everyone is expecting it to be special than ever. The users want iPhone to push the envelope but no one wants to get annoyed!


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