Explore a New Type of Robot – Deploybot

5 months ago in AI Tech
Explore a New Type of Robot – Deploybot

Because of science fiction books, movies or science class, we all are familiar with robots. But prepare yourself to be amazed as a new type of robot is being developed which will be soft. The name of the robot is DeployBot. Keeping the reason of being soft in mind, Wei Wang and team at Seoul National University and Sungkyunkwan University are working together to bring out best of that robot. DeployBot can be deployed in space to follow space mission.

The motorized robot is the most common form of robotics having many benefits which include endurance and durability. But when it has to go into a small space and to accomplish that it has to fold itself a little then the motorized one is out of luck as the motors work as a backbone. This is where the new type shines. DeployBot can fold itself to move through small space as if it doesn’t have a backbone.



DeployBot doesn’t use motors to move and is a modular robot. It consists of 8 modules four of which works for the legs while others make the body. The entire structure can be folded and be more compact.

The wires running through the legs are responsible for the movement. Since this robot doesn’t require any heavy machinery, it costs less to build and manage the robots. The parts of this robot are less likely to be influenced by complications in space because of modular and compact design. We are pretty excited about the development of Deploybot which we hope you are too.

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