Facebook: Introduced Express Wi-Fi in the Rural Parts of India for the Very First Time!

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Facebook: Introduced Express Wi-Fi in the Rural Parts of India for the Very First Time!

Facebook: Bring India Online! 700 Hotspots are Activated, Another 20,000 is about to Come.

Firstly, Facebook initiated a program offering free access to the internet in India. Unfortunately, that failed, After that, they decided to launch Express Wi-Fi.This will offer the users to have free access to that particular Wi-Fi network provided by the local partner in exchange for a nominal fee.

What makes it different from other Basic Programs?

It would provide access to almost all the web unless they are restricted by the Indian government.

Following the tests that started back 2015, in the present scenario, it is now active in almost 700 hotspots. These spots cover four major states of India, i.e. Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Meghalaya.

Users get access to this service by purchasing physical and online vouchers. These vouchers range from Rs. 10-20 ($0.15 – $0.30) for 0.1GB a day, or Rs. 200-300 ($3.12 – $4.67) for 20GB for a month, from 500 brick-and-mortar stores in those states.




India is not the only one enjoying this service. Beforehand, facebook has launched and rolled this program in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Facebook intends to further expand this program in India with another 20,000 hotspots in association with the vast telecom company Airtel.

Whatever, the whole initiative has some targets to accomplish. Facebook as a social networking media reveals it motive behind reaching an overall target of 2 billion users. To meet this target India is a very important country as it by itself holds a population of 1.3 billion. However, the striking issue for facebook to consider in this regard is that only 390 million people in India have access to the internet.

So, logically if the overall access to the internet in India rises in the present scenario, Facebook as one of the leading social media will encounter a considerable growth over its User base.


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