Facebook Stops Suicide on Live

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Facebook Stops Suicide on Live

Facebook’s Initiatives to Shield  the Suicide Attempts from Being Accomplished Suicide Experiences

Facebook Live nowadays is a very popular social media tool. As it has increased the connectivity to the next level, it has its far-fetched outcomes. Moreover, it initiates some corresponding answerabilities, in line with its management, which rises due to its functions.

The latest instance in this matter is the recent rescue of an unnamed girl attempting suicide while streaming live. She was a teenage girl and this shocking event took place just this last week.

The girl consumes multiple pills, right after puts a plastic bag over her head while live on facebook. Fortunately, a friend of hers informs 911. A Sheriff’s deputy immediate headed towards her home to rescue her. It was a bit late as she was not responding, but not that much as she still at that moment was alive. Moreover, there were possibilities for her complete recovery due to treating her with immediate assistance.


facebook stops suicide


Facebook’s Responses and Adapted Measures

Whatever, now the question may be knocking your curiosity, what is Facebook’s contribution in this case.

Consequently, the girl can be rescued as the gradual outcome of Facebook’s initiative. Here Facebook to save their feet does not go for immediate removal of the post from their site rather take immediate measures to locate and rescue the girl.

Facebook does not stop there, they are also working hard on this issue to stop further incidents to take place. However, even if such attempts take place, it is adapting multiple measures to handle that as soon as possible.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of facebook shares his co-operative view about such circumstances, “So a lot of what we’re trying to do is not just about taking the content down but also about helping people when they’re in need on the platform.”

Concerning such crisis, Facebook is developing its detection software to regulate the graphics content of FB live.

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