Facebook Tackles Websites Filled with Spam

8 months ago in Cyber
Facebook Tackles Websites Filled with Spam

Sometimes you think a certain link is interesting while browsing your Facebook feed. Later, you find that the link is
neither interesting nor legit. It really annoys the users. So, to make the situation better, Facebook is stepping their game. Facebook is currently developing an AI which will remove those annoying posts from users news feed.

This AI will analyze thousands of links to understand spam related posts better and save the users from malicious events. Pages similar to this generally spam the users.

Facebook will not only remove the posts like that but also will downgrade their ranking on the site. This will ensure that posts with spam are cleared out from our feed and the people who are spamming will be punished by downgrading for which they won’t be able to reach as many users as they want to. This step to tackle spam is notable and hopefully, this will be effective too.

via TheNextWeb

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