Feel The Bass On The Go

8 months ago in Gear
Feel The Bass On The Go

With the introduction of Virtual reality, we can use the wearable gears to enhance the visual experience. But can we do the same for sound? With the creation of Basslet we can take our music experience to the next level. Spoiler! just bass enhancement.

Basslet lets you bring the raw power of deep booming bass of your sound system with you all the time, just by strapping this watch sized wearable bracelet on your wrist. Pair it with your device, play any song and it will pump the bass right into your body. From your head to toe all around you can feel the bass of the song pumping and you feel really energetic and ready to face anything.

With Six hours of operation time with a single charge, it can cover your daily need of bass in your music quite reliably.


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