Go retro with these 6 modern gadgets

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Go retro with these 6 modern gadgets

Revive these 6 modern gadgets

It’s true we’re living in 21st century and everything is made easy for us. But deep down we still love the techs we grew up with. Here are some modern gadgets that’ll take you back to those good old days.

Classic gamer


All of us 90’s kids started gaming with a handheld gaming device. Get back to those days with this Smartboy Development Kit that can fit any Android smartphone. You can get it here for $95.

Listen to music as it was meant to be

Dust off your vinyl collections because Crosley turntable will give you the rich sound of vinyl with wireless and Bluetooth features. On top of that, it’s portable and comes in different colors. Now, show off your great music taste in parties with this amazing player by getting it here just for $73.52.

Add ‘Class’ to your living room

This full-range speaker comes with wireless, Bluetooth compatibility and high-quality listening. And it adds an extra elegance vibe to your room. A perfect mix of retro and modern tech. This is the second product from Crosley in this list and you can get it here at a price of $79.

Make your popcorns more fun

This popcorn maker will remind you of the times you used to go to the fairs as a kid and enjoyed some ferris wheel. You can get this at a price of $65 here.

Dial in style

The looks of a rotary-dial phone and comfort of a push button, what more do we want? Have a blast from the past for $49.95 from here.

Cassette USB drive

Mixtape days are over, right? Wrong. With this cassette tape turned USB drive, you can make a playlist, give a title and gift to a friend (or someone special 😉 ). Get it here for $16.95.



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