Google Event Finder Wants to Spark Your Social Life

8 months ago in Apps
Google Event Finder Wants to Spark Your Social Life

Google Event Finder is awesome now!

Google is adding a small feature to its search app. It is a very useful feature for those who have a fear of missing out in life. Starting from today 11th may 2017 on Google app and mobile web you can find nearby events from Google search.

For this feature, you don’t need any external app. Type something in like “art event this weekend” and Google will show results from sites like Eventbrite and Meetup to show to show some options in your area. Also, it shows time and date of the events. If you want a more specific timing, there is an option to filter dates (today, this weekend, next week etc).


google event finder


Once you have decided on an event to attend, just click buy ticket from the corresponding website.

the company is clearly trying to address Facebook’s recent dominance in the event space. But without any to none social features, there is a slim chance of people choosing it over Facebook. You probably rather stick to Facebook and attend the events with your friends.

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