Google Pixel 2 Is Coming with Cool New Color Variants

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Google Pixel 2 Is Coming with Cool New Color Variants

When Google released its ‘Pixel’ phones, it generated rather mixed reviews; especially in terms of looks. It was considered a bit ‘bland’.

Now, Google is getting ready to release, Google Pixel 2, a second version of the phone. And rumors suggest it’ll be much more appealing and sleek that its predecessor.

Based on the leaks, Youtube channel ‘Concept Creator’ made some 3d models of the phone. He used two-tone color configurations as his base design. He also designed some possible shades. You can have a look at his work down here.

It’s not confirmed whether Google will actually use these color schemes, but there’s a possibility of one or two color choices on the new phone. Keep in mind this is just for the Pixel XL 2.

The smaller variant may not feature such minimum bezels. But still, if they mix up color tones on their new phones with their elegant ‘glass’ window on the back; it might make it a bit more lively than before and appeal to mass customers.

Whatever the case, we’ll know about it pretty soon with the official announcement.

-via TheNextWeb

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