Google Will Release Cameras For 180-Degree VR Video

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Google Will Release Cameras For 180-Degree VR Video

Google will release cameras for VR

Google will launch some new VR formats for YouTube.They will release cameras for 180-Degree VR video. They are calling them VR180 and they will produce it with a new line of cameras from Yi, LG, Lenovo as they meet VR180 standards.

As we see the name VR180, the videos will not be stretched all the way around the viewer. If the viewer is facing forward then the video will be immersive and not be able to turn or glance behind. Without the VR we will see flat videos but we will still be able to see them in 3D using the YouTube app with a Google Cardboard, Daydream, or PlayStation VR headset.



You can use any camera that has a VR180 certification. Google will release these VR180 products in winter this year and we will get them at the same price as point-and-shoot cameras. The cameras will have two wide angle lenses that can shoot stereoscopic video.

Youtubers can use them as any other camera in the market and they also can edit them with Adobe Premiere Pro and other standard software. When using 180-degree instead of 360-degree there will be some advantages like it will not take the same time consumption, the files will have less size, so the viewers will get less buffering times. So at the end, we are waiting to see if they are going to be successful in this project of them.

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