Graveyard for Startup Dead Companies

8 months ago in Business
Graveyard for Startup Dead Companies

There were a lot of dead companies that were promising but ultimately collapsed, because of their indecent business model.

Starting up a company is difficult. It is crucial to have an Innovative idea,  Hype, Funding and a great leadership. But that doesn’t make it foolproof.

Startup Graveyard has started its journey to serve as a memorial for those late companies. By browsing through the site, you can see various companies like RDIO, GROOVESHARK, SELLTAG and LUMOS.


Dead Companies


Clicking each entry shows a bit of information about the company, such as what it did, how much it raised, its competitors and its founders. Also, it gives a list of reasons why the company failed.

The site is important as those company’s work, their legacies and also the people behind those company’s hard work, money, reputation would bear a remainder for the future entrepreneur.

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