Harman Kardon Speaker Featuring Microsoft’s Cortana!

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Harman Kardon Speaker Featuring Microsoft’s Cortana!

Microsoft joining Amazona and Google on smart speaker war with the help of Cortana.

The world of first Cortana powered speaker was leaked way back in December. But the ‘invoke’ is finally here Microsoft and Harmon Kardon today revealed the ‘invoke’. It is the first Amazon Echo competitor to use the Windows voice assistant, Cortana.



It looks very similar to the Echo. However, it is a bit sleeker. It can do all the things its predecessor does. Such as telling you the weather, setting reminders, checking traffic, delivering the news. Since it uses Cortana, your reminders and notes will be synced across your PC and mobile apps.



Cortana Invoke

Moreover, the ‘invoke’ is able to control all the IoT devices in your home. But Microsoft hasn’t released which devices are compatible with it. Meanwhile, Harmon Kardon’s audio pedigree means the company is boasting some technical advantages over competitors. It includes three woofers and three tweeters (compared to just one of each on the Amazon Echo). But its most notable feature is it’s Skype integration which allows you to make calls and receive to Skype accounts and actual landlines and cellphone.
Sadly we don’t know its price yet and it isn’t going to be up for sale until ‘fall 2017′.Now Amazon, Google, and Microsoft each have their own voice-powered speakers. Let’s hope apple doesn’t lag behind

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