Headspace – a Meditation App You Must Try

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Headspace – a Meditation App You Must Try

Headspace is a meditation app verified by many international outlets. They believe this app can make you aware of your thoughts and emotions.

By meditating daily, you will be much calmer when stress will peek into your life. People with anxiety have reported the app to be effective which is an achievement for Headspace.

Headspace will not beat around the bush and make you feel confused about whether it’s working or not. It is very straightforward and user-friendly. It teaches you the basics of meditation so you can perform it on your own.



Headspace has more than 9 million active users including celebrities, athletes and numerous companies paying for subscription packages for employees. You can download the app for free but to gain full access to the lessons you have to pay for it.

Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe founded Headspace in 2012. Andy trained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk for 10 years. Now he teaches what he learned via this app. In the app, you will sometimes see Andy sharing some extra insights.



After completing the basics of meditation for 30 days, you have to pay for the subscription to access further lessons. It will cost you $12.95 a month.

There are a lot of categories you will find useful in the app. Select the one you want to meditate on. Choose your preferred session. It can be 10 or 15 or 20 minutes. Each category has exercised added to it. Categories include Health, Relationships, Performance etc. You will have your own personalized profile having your stats as a record.



Meditation is not about neglecting the thoughts. It’s about acknowledging occurring thoughts without engaging with them. Let the ideas float around your head and try not to block them because it often stresses you.



If you are suffering from anxiety or want a reminder every day to relax then this app is something you should definitely try.


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