Here Come the Robots to Patrol for Crime!!

9 months ago in Science
Here Come the Robots to Patrol for Crime!!

Knightscope, a security-based startup which was founded in 2013 is going to make us introduced to its new creation the K5. The K5 is a 400-pound 6-foot tall self-governed robot that patrols parking lots, offices, malls and stadiums to look for suspicious activities. The robot uses light detection and ranging, sensors and cameras to detect a harmless passerby or a passerby who can commit a crime using its knowledge base of suspicious activities and logs all that data to cloud.

The robot uses a lot of sensors like infrared cameras to detect objects, wireless to track down MAC and IP addresses. The robot detects each individual, their faces, phones, and cars and logs it in the database. When it finds a potential threat it alerts the user to check that out.

You can select the Knightscope plan which will cost you $7 dollar an hour and it can inspect places 24/7. You will also get monthly security updates and help from technical people of Knightscope.

Knightscope has already signed several deals with numerous companies and plans to provide their service to 17 clients in 16 cities by the end of this year.

via DigitalTrends


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