India beats United States of America in Facebook!

7 months ago in Cyber
India beats United States of America in Facebook!

The news is strange but true, Face has already indicated that India has already overtaken the United States and it has become the largest country audience on Facebook.

Facebook has reported on July 13 that a total of 241 million users in India and 240 million active users in the United States, where 2 Billion monthly users on this platform.



Since the starting of 2017, both countries have achieved amazing growth but it is a matter of fact that the active users in India are growing as twice as fast as the United States. The growth of active users in India was up 27% last six months where the active users in the United States have only grown 12% which is way lower than India alone.



But India lacks in social media penetration with just 19% of the total population of India using Facebook in recent months. Where 73% penetration in the United States and global average is about 42% of its total population. And the amount is changing daily. So we will see some more growth in the near future because India is one of the most populated countries in the world. Though India has already taken over Facebook in the audience the gender imbalance is still there. Male users still represent three-quarters of the countries total users.


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