India : the Next Major Tech Market

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India : the Next Major Tech Market

Have any doubt about India being the next big tech market? You should read Internet Trends Report conducted by Kleiner Perkins.

The whole report is about 355 pages out of which 55 pages are dedicated to only describe the internet and mobile access in India. In 2015, 277 million people in India had the internet and mobile access. Now, the country has more than 355 million internet users which are 27% of the whole population.

Internet users in India are increasing due to the reduced priced of handset and smartphones. In 2007, the average price of smartphones was about $270 dollars which are now less than $150 dollars.

Data plans are also getting cheaper. You have to thank Reliance for that. Reliance’s Jio network started operating last September with low-cost 4G data plans. This initiative was insanely effective. 108 million people signed up for Jio trials and 72 million became paying subscribers.

Using the internet from mobile devices is rising day by day in India. In 2014, the usage was about 100 million GB per month which is now 1,200 million GB a month. The growth rate is 9x since last June. Music and video streaming have also increased significantly within a very short amount of time.

India is now standing on the 2nd position close to China on the basis of total time spent on Android phones. India spends 150 billion hours on Android phones. Facebook owns four most popular apps out of ten. The rest of the popular apps include video streaming services, video player, file transfer app and Truecaller’s caller ID app.

Alibaba’s UC Browser is the most popular browser in India. It may be due to the factor that UC Browser come preinstalled on a large number of devices. UC gets 50 percent Indian market while Chrome is barely at 30 percent.

According to the report, Indians 45% of the time they spend on their phone is for entertainment. 34% for social media messaging apps. They spend around 28 hours a week on a mobile phone which is more than they spend time watching TV or reading print media combined.

Tech companies are seeing some challenges while finding a tremendous opportunity for investing in India’s tech market. Many people still don’t have access to education or spending power. The rules and regulations for opening a new company are hard to register. The cost is also really high. Because of this, the global rank of India doing business in ease is 130 out of 190 countries.

Still, it is highly notable that the mobile industry of India is really blooming. So if companies want to score big bucks for them, it is the right time to enter the market and get your hands on tech scene as soon as possible. You can read the report here 2017 Internet Trends

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