Indian Berry to Reduce the Cost of Solar Panels

10 months ago in Science
Indian Berry to Reduce the Cost of Solar Panels

Indian berry has an element which can be used to solve power shortage.

A special species of berries which the local people call ‘Jamun’ (Syzygium cumini) absorbs a huge amount of sunlight. So, it can be used to make solar panels cheaply and solve the current power shortage problem existing in India.

Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have announced that a pigment they found is responsible for absorbing the sunlight. It is called ‘anthocyanin’. Researchers believe large production of this will help the cost of solar panels to go down and make it more affordable for people.



Soumitra Satapathi, assistant professor at IIT said, “We were looking at why the jamuns are black, We extracted the pigment using ethanol and found that anthocyanin was a greatly absorbing sunlight.”



Jamun is known for its nutritional value and cheapness. But most solar cells available today are expensive. So by extracting the pigment found in jamun, we can create dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). This can bring down the cost of solar panels by 40%. Currently, it is not efficient as the existing system. Its efficiency level is 0.5% whereas commercial solar panels can provide upto 15% although that is expensive. So they have to work their way to increase the efficiency which will also take some time. Still, a long way to go.

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