Intel updates Core X series including new Core i9 chips

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Intel updates Core X series including new Core i9 chips

Intel announced that they updated the existing Core i5 and Core i7 models which are powerful than the previous ones. Intel also announced a new Core X cheap which is Core i9 for those who need more work power.

Core i9


Gamer, editors and content creators are the people who want to run latest games with the best possible outcome or content creators with multiple programs running simultaneously. Intel is targeting them and giving them the power by providing powerful processors which can accomplish their objectives.


Core i9


All these new updated Core X processors will work with Intel’s new X299 motherboard which Intel will roll out in coming weeks. The Core X is built on Intel’s updated sixth-generation Skylake platform. Intel often calls it as Skylake X.


Intel is also updating its Turbo Boost technology. They are calling it ‘Turbo Boost Max 3.0’. Intel points out that while the additional cores will help to execute multitasking efficiently. The Turbo Boost will make sure that the cores can achieve improved performance. Core X series will work fifteen percent faster on a single thread and ten percent on multithread according to Intel.


The Core X family starts with the Core i5-7640X at $242, which offers 4-cores and 4-threads. The i7 X-Series tops out at an 8-core / 16 thread chip for $599, not a 10-core chip at that price point. And the i9 X-Series starts at 10-core / 16-thread chip for $999 to a $1,699, 16-core / 32-thread chip.

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