Glimpse of iPhone 8:  The Bezel-less Future

8 months ago in Mobile
Glimpse of iPhone 8:  The Bezel-less Future

Bezel-less iPhone 8 vision mockup, thumbs up for that!

To start with, finally it’s the time to get excited about the launch of iPhone 8. There are all and out rumors about the edge-to-edge screen of this device. If rumors have considerable credibility, it takes us one step ahead in the materialization of the visions of Jony Ive.



Jony Ive visioned of introducing a device as slim and convenient as a single sheet of glass. If it would not be the ultimate actualization of this concept, it would be certainly a step forward to that direction.

As per the rumors, the iPhone 8 will feature an OLED screen. It doesn’t stop there. Additional information suggests the size of the device will resemble iPhone 7. In contrast, the screen will be the same size of iPhone 7 Plus. It would be possible because of the smaller bezels. Moreover, this feature gets the accentuation with the all in all disappearance of the bezels.

If you want to meet the thirst of your curiosity, YouTuber DailyTekk might offer you a good option.

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