Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

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Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

Samsung released a new phone cover case with a keyboard.

This cover case is for the new flagship phones of Samsung galaxy S8 and S8 plus. The most notable feature of this cover case is that it has a keyboard.

The case doesn’t need any extra app or any sort of wireless connection. It is really easy to use and setup. There are 2 parts of the cover case. First, there is the back cover and next is the keyboard attachment.




The back cover clips on to the galaxy s8 and s8 plus and gives a decent protection for day to day use. The attachment clips onto the back cover. It can be placed on top of the phone for use or can be attached to the back of the phone when it is not needed.



Once the attachment is attached to the phone the phone will detect it and it will shift its screen a bit upward. By doing so the attachment won’t get in the way. The process is very quick and easy and also allows you to detach the keyboard part completely.

The typing experience is quite nostalgic for those who qwerty phones. But getting used to it takes a lot of practice. Moreover, the accuracy of the keyboard is about 85% which could be improved with regular use and practice. The keyboard also has function keys for quick accessibilities.

The major upside of the case is its non-reliance on power or Bluetooth in order to work. The case also features cut-outs to all the keys and ports on your phone. Wireless charging is also compatible with this case.
There are many similar cases in the market which either requires power from the phone or uses Bluetooth. It is good to see keyboard case with that exception.

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