Kotlin: New Official Programming Language for Android

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Kotlin: New Official Programming Language for Android

Google officially adds a new programming language for Android development named Kotlin.

Google announced that it will officially support a new language named Kotlin as a “first class” language on android. It is a super new programming language built by JetBrains.

JetBrains also developed the JetBrains IDE. Android studio, the Google official developer tool is based on this IDE.  Like the java, the default language for android development, Kotlin runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).



It is highly usable as well as many other JVM languages for android development. Android doesn’t use JVM exactly. But the Java roots are strong and its interoperability with Java made it a very popular choice among the developers. Official Google support will make working with Kotlin on Android a lot more easy and natural.

Moreover, Kotlin tools will be included with Android Studio 3.0 by default JetBrains and Google will be pleading to support the language going forward.

As a language, It is a lot similar to Java in structure. Both are object oriented and statically typed and designed for similar problems Java solves. But Kotlin has a lot of potentials as it is still a clean slate. It also adds a lot of nice features; its syntax is much cleaner.

Unlike the Swift programming language which was an international Apple project and then opens sourced, Google says it won’t own the language. The language JetBrains will continue to be developed and support the language. It will also continue to target other platforms as the language is designed to run as native code on iOS and Macs, and also compiles to JavaScript for web development.

-via theverge


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