Kuri vision robot with updated mobility system

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Kuri vision robot with updated mobility system

Want a robot to watch your moves, then Kuri Vision robot is the right thing for you. It is still under development. Mayfield Robotics is producing this robot and they want people to use this robot at home. Kuri is a 20 inch tall robot. It is self-governing and can detect obstacles. Recently, Mayfield Robotics released a new feature. It is called ‘Kuri Vision’. So, now it can capture unexpected moments in 5 second video increments. Microphones around the neck of Kuri record the sound. Then, it sends the file to your phone. Now, it’s your decision whether you want to keep it up or not. You can share the files or delete if you want.

CEO of Mayfield Robotics Mike Beebe stated that while testing they saw Kuri take unexpected photos which were best in itself. Earlier this month, Beebe showed me a photo of a child trying to poke one of Kuri’s adorable blinking eyes out, from the point of view of Kuri’s eye, one of which is also a camera.

You can turn on or off the Kuri Vision as you want. You can add filters to tell Kuri which room it can capture and which room not to capture. Moreover, Kuri can now learn from your preferences. It can now tell the difference between a man & a dog because of the enhanced camera. If you always discard a certain kind of videos then Kuri will stop collecting those kind because of learning preferences.

Kuri will not send a whole day worth of video for you to watch. Using artificial intelligence, it will select the best 8 videos which you can access through Kuri app.

Previously, Kuri used to find it hard to overcome obstacles. Now, with updated mobility system it can go over the obstacle without toppling. To show this Mike Beebe placed a 1 inch wood on the floor and Kuri efficiently navigated the obstacle. You can also operate the robot by voice. Giving the command ‘Go Home’ will tell the robot to go to it’s charging base.

Mike is trying to make a new feature which will make the robot go to it’s charging base when it is not used. So, users won’t even notice that Kuri was away.

Kuri has got some lucky users. They are beta testing how it is working. For us though we will have to wait. They probably will go to sale this years December. They will sale Kuri for $799.

via mashable

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