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$20,000 Gigantic 88″ Samsung TV (Monitor) is being Launched

5 months ago in Samsung

In recent years we have seen some big screens made by Samsung. Moreover, we already heard that they had announced to manufacture 49″ monitors for gamers. And several weeks hasn’t passed but the unveiled another gigantic monitor (yes larger than the gaming monitor) which will be a 88 inch monitor. In its ultra wide screen… Read More »

Videos showcasing iOS 11 by apple

5 months ago in Apple

A major new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is coming and the company released six new videos showing how iOS 11 makes its iPad better. First of all, here each video is about a minute long and focuses on one set of new features that will become available on iPads when iOS 11 is… Read More »

Motorola Applies for a Self-healing Screen Patent

5 months ago in Tech

Motorola might put an end to all the smart phone screen repairs. The company recently applied for a patent on a self-healing screen. A screen that can heal its own cracks and damages. The patent, which was filed in February and awarded, in August, explains how a phone screen made out of shape memory polymer could… Read More »

Charge multiple devices with ease with this new device

6 months ago in Tech

Charge multiple devices with ease with this new device Charging multiple devices at the same time is a struggle for tech fans. Maybe your battery is dying and you got to the outlet to plug it in. But you end up finding out there are two huge power strips are taking all the space in… Read More »