Lens the new Google image recognition AI

8 months ago in AI Tech
Lens the new Google image recognition AI

Google lens helps improve Google Assistant.

Google lens


Google announced  Google lens, a new form of AI at its I/O conference this week that Google is working on. This Google lens understands what you are looking at and can help you by providing relevant responses.



With Lens, Google’s Assistant will be able to identify objects in the world around you. It can also perform actions based on your location in Google Maps.

Moreover, the service seems very ambitious and versatile. Scott Huffman, Vice President of Engineering for Assistant had used it in a various way. And he mentioned using it to translate a Japanese street sign and using it to identify a food he didn’t recognize.

Huffman said IT facilitates a conversation between the user and Assistant using visual context and Machine Learning.

Some of the features are even more complex and helpful if you want to connect to WIFI on your phone, you can just point your camera at the security credentials and Assistant will do the rest itself.

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