Lessons for Your Startup from a 25 Year Old CEO

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Lessons for Your Startup from a 25 Year Old CEO

You learn real lessons of life through the hardships you endure while following your passion. Here the lessons are given below for you to follow.

1) Struggle: Everybody fails at first achieving their goals. You are not alone in your struggle. But you will find that failing at the things you love will make you fill happier. You just have to get yourself up from failure and get to work again.

2) Empathy: How to be empathetic is one of the most important lessons of you startup life. People joining your company are making sacrifices because they believe in your vision and passion. So try to understand them and their needs.

3) Hard-work: Don’t run away from working hard. As it is your own company, the things to do will never end. So enjoy your journey while it brings out the best in you.

4) Work-life balance: If you are following your passion, don’t try to find the work-life balance. As it’s already your passion, it becomes an important part of your life. Focus on that instead of finding balance.

5) Earn respect: Do the right work. Try to give your client the best of you and your employee to be comfortable & be themselves while doing their work. This will earn respect of your clients and employees and reward you in the long run.

6) Find like-minded people: Some people will stay with you while others will leave because of not finding your thing interesting. So, spend time with like-minded people, share your experience with them and also know what’s their struggle. This will help you grow.

7) Hiring right: You have to be selective about hiring people. If you find that your hired person is not doing their job properly, then don’t hesitate to fire them. Building the right team should be given priority always.

8) Innovate: Don’t just stick to your initial idea. If you can innovate then experiment with those ideas and try to implement them too.

9) Don’t doubt yourself: Initially while starting out, you will think that if you say no to something you will lose your platform. But that is not true. There are things in your scene that is not necessary to perform. So say no to those things wisely. That will save you much time.

10) Focus: Always focus at one thing. Achieve that and then find your next motive. Don’t focus on achieving all your milestones at the same time.

11) Patience: Give time to your company. It won’t grow overnight. You will make mistakes, mend them and try to grow your company. Patience is the ultimate key to success.

12) Stop having regrets: To be happiest in life, you have to stop worrying about past events. Don’t regret about them all the time. Try new things always. It will make you learn many things which wouldn’t be possible with having regrets.

13) Finding an activity: Go out everyday. Find some time and in that time do something you love.

14) Be competitive: Competition is not bad for us unless it hampers with our morals. So, be competitive and let it push you to become even better.

15)Conquer yourself: Work hard to become better everyday. It’s like what my Muay Thai coach said: “Don’t fight as if you want to conquer a battle, fight to conquer yourself and the battle will take care of itself.”

16) Comfortable zone: Get out of your comfortable zone and do things you usually don’t do. This will make you grow as a person and help you to overcome your fears.

17) Books and meetings: Reading is always the most important thing to learn whatever you want. So read books daily & attend conferences to keep yourself updated on the scene.

18) Converse: Find experts in your field. Try to communicate with them. Learn about different sets of expertise they can offer.

19) Listen: Always listen to your clients and the problem they are facing. The customers will trust you if you can listen and act on their problems.

20) Starting alone: If you can’t find a partner or co-founder for your venture then don’t be afraid to start alone. If you are clear about your visions then nothing should stop you. Keep moving and keep going.

21) Taking a break: Don’t be ashamed or hesitant to take a break if you are finding work to be monotonous. This will make you more productive.

22) Ask for help: Things are always changing. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.


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