LG V30 might drop the V20’s standout feature

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LG V30 might drop the V20’s standout feature

Latest leak of LG V30 indicates the drop of the standout feature from LG V20.

There’s a lot to like about the LG V20, but the main feature it has that most other phones don’t is the second screen. However, according to the latest leak, the LG V30 might drop the iconic feature but it is not all in vain.

Secondary Display defines LG’s V10 and V20, but it seems the company is abandoning that trademark feature this time around on the LG V30. According to Android Authority, LG is dropping the secondary screen in favor of a “floating bar” that replicates the functionality.

They said this bar would provide quick access to shortcuts and possibly also notifications, but didn’t give any details of what form it would take.

It’s possible that it will be an always-on area of the screen, possibly above the main display, which could replicate features of the LG V20’s secondary display in software form. That might actually be preferable to a second screen, especially if you disable it, though could affect battery life.

More notable for the photographers out there, an Android Authority report suggests the device will feature a F/1.6 aperture on at least one of its cameras, making it the first smartphone with a lens so bright. That bodes well for low light performance, as well as a nicer shallow depth of field. The device will also bring a 6-inch display, as well as an IP68 waterproof build and a similar metal-and-glass design to the G6.

The V30 is rumored to be announced near the end of August, so we’ll find out soon enough.

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