Low on Budget? Try This Headphone.

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Low on Budget? Try This Headphone.

Phiaton- a headphone manufacturer company has launched something new for you. It is a new model of Bluetooth headphones. They named it ‘BT 390’.

This headphone will not cost you a fortune designing in a way so you can afford it and use it while traveling or commuting. The foldable design will let you place it in a bag very easily.

The BT 390’s on-ear headphones cost just $79. An affordable price, minimal design, and up to 30 hours of battery life is encouraging.Instead of touch panels on Phiaton’s higher-end models, BT 390 offers physical buttons to control the volume.

A microphone is also integrated inside of it, so you can receive calls. It can also connect itself to a computer/phone using a 3.5mm. You can find this device on Amazon.

via theverge

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