Master chef robot made by Moley Robotics

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Master chef robot made by Moley Robotics

If your specialty dish is beans on toast, then it’s probably safe to say you’re not exactly a dab hand in the kitchen. Handily for you, UK-based Moley Robotics has invented a range of master chef robot, complete with stove, utensils, and oven and robot arms.

The chef has been produced in collaboration with BBC MasterChef winner Tim Anderson. It was made not just in terms of creating recipes to cook, but the way in which they’re made.

Moley says

Tim made the dishes himself, and motion tracking technology analyzed his exact movements. The robot arms replicated with supreme accuracy.

In the demonstration video, even movements such as scraping a spatula against a saucepan to remove excess sauce can be seen.

The robotic arms can cook a variety of programmed recipes. It is like watching your car get a MOT but with tastier results.

Chef Anderson himself programs the master chef robot to make crab bisque and is pleasantly surprised by the results.

It’s not cheap, though. The MK1001 robot kitchen costs US$100 to reserve and US$72,000 to buy outright. Creator Moley has a range of models available, starting from US$15,000. The kitchens are expected to be available from 2017.

If you’d rather spend several thousand pounds on a robotic kitchen, rather than learn to cook, you can pre-order one from Moley’s website.

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