Microsoft is offering a new and efficient Surface program for the customer’s convenience

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Microsoft is offering a new and efficient Surface program for the customer’s convenience

Tech world is ever evolving and we tech fans sometimes find it hard to keep up. Well, Microsoft understands us. They came up with a new Surface program.

They announced a new Surface program which will allow you to upgrade your surface computer every 18 months. It’s applicable for both regular and business users. What’s even more fascinating is the payment plan.

You’ll be able to pay for your next Surface purchase in installments, spread over at least 24 months. You get 0% APR if you pay for the laptop or PC in 24 months, and 19.99% after that. It’s true that Microsoft’s Surface computers aren’t that cheap to get, but this plan might help with that.

Qualifying customers who want to upgrade their Surface of choice after 18 months can do so if they wan to, for no additional cost. But they have to return the previous Surface device, which has to be functional. It’ll encourage recycling and is highly eco-friendly. They’ll still have to get a new 24-month payment plan and credit agreement from Klarna. It’s unclear from Microsoft’s wording whether the 0% APR will apply to the new contract.

You’ll also get dedicated service and support, and a free year of in-store support and technical assistance.

The business version of the plan comes with other perks, including support for financing a 55-inch Surface Hub on top of all the other Surface devices, Office 365 for Business, device protection, and flexible terms.

It’s nice to see companies understanding and caring about our needs while trying to push their products. Thumbs up Microsoft.

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