Microsoft Research: New Augmented Reality Glasses

8 months ago in Microsoft Tech
Microsoft Research: New Augmented Reality Glasses

Microsoft Research is planning to introduce a newly augmented reality glass.

Actually, we all like new amazing technology but unless it’s immediately convenient. Some people are dismissing VR in favor of AR but the fact is the AR is so far away from being easy to use. Moreover, AR is limited to our smartphone, like most other early stage apps. Microsoft presented a new design for AR.



A team at Microsoft Research is looking to speed up this progress on wearable AR devices and have introduced a prototype as proof. This team presented a pair of glasses on Friday that use near-eye displays to produce holograms to the wearer. 



These glasses have an 80-degree field of view and the ability to correct for a person’s astigmatism. You can see virtual objects through the AR glasses without additional corrective lenses. The AR is just a step forward for the technology and not a hint at any forthcoming product.


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