Android O for Oreo?

7 months ago in Android OS
Android O for Oreo?

Google just released the second developer preview of android O during the Google I/O 2017. Just like every year google announced their new OS month before the Google I/O. So that the developers can get a taste of the newest version of android before the I/O. The second developer preview has some minor changes, mostly under the hood changes. Which might be intriguing for the developers but no so for the consumers.


When is the update rolling out?

Google has already shared the timeline of android O and the second developer preview was announced at the promised time. So it is safe to say that if we follow the timeline the final release of android O eventually will be in somewhere between August and September.



What’s new on Android O

It is sorry to say that android O is not a really big overhaul from Android N. The UI enthusiast will not be pleased by the update, because there are not any major visual changes on android O. but there are some major updates which will make the user experience much more fluid and fun to use.




This feature is a revolutionary step forward in the world of multi-tasking. It lets users to multitask in a more efficient and fluid way. While viewing a YouTube video, the user can press the home button and the video will pop-up as a small window and which lets the user to do anything and everything else while watching the video. Samsung users might find this feature bit old but it’s good to see google has made this feature available for all android O device. This feature can also be used in google maps. The number of apps compatible with this feature is low but in the android world it is just a matter of time.



Notification Dots

Custom ROM/launcher user might be familiar with this feature already. This feature lets notification icon to pop up on the apps on home-screen. A small dot will appear on the app icon if there is any notification of that app. And a long press on the icon will expand the notification. It a nifty little feature to smooth out the user experience.




This feature lets the user to log-in to any apps with ease. Android O will remember your usernames, and in some cases your password, to quickly and easily jump into apps on your device. It’s nothing but a really good time saver. And of course it needs user permission to access the information.



Smart Text Selection

Copy and pasting has always been a smooth experience on Android. But google has added some new features to this copy/paste. Now users can easily search for places and address just by holding the text. If you hold on a text consisting any address, just by touching the text google AI will automatically start to navigate to the address. This feature can also be used for calling. If you highlight any number just by tapping on it you can dial that number.


So what does all this feature mean for the users? A smooth and friendly user experience. This is only the second developer preview. Android O is shaping up to be great alternative of it’s predecessor. Let’s see if there is any major overhaul in the final product.


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