OnePlus 5 Specs Got Leaked!

8 months ago in Mobile
OnePlus 5 Specs Got Leaked!

OnePlus declared the name of their latest phone which is The OnePlus 5. But now, it appears that the features and specifications are getting leaked.

Some photos can be found on Chinese network Weibo which looks like the early stage sketching of the phone. Though they are sketches, they can provide us some important information about the phone that we want to know.


oneplus 5

oneplus 5


From the sketches we can see that OnePlus 5 has side by side front facing cameras which users can use to take selfies. This feature is going to take the ability of taking selfies to another level. If OnePlus 5 is also affordable like the other OnePlus phones then the big names of flagship phones have to compete more harder.

Other specs include:
Side button slider,
0.5mm thin build,
Drilled speaker,
3.5mm headphone jack,
QHD display,
8GB of RAM and
3,600mAh battery

via MSN

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