Quick Charge 4+ by Qualcomm

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Quick Charge 4+ by Qualcomm

All of us have one common demand from our mobile phone which is taking less time to charge & providing more power. Qualcomm is working on this issue. Last November they announced Quick Charge 4 which can charge a phone in 5 minutes. It had improved the charging speed up to 30% than the previous systems.

Now, the company has announced the Quick Charge 4+ which will cool itself up to 3 degrees. It will be faster and more efficient than Quick Charge 4. Nubia Z17 from Chinese phone maker ZTC will be the first smartphone that will see the action of this new technology.

Quick Charge 4+ has three important features.

1) Dual charge device will include a chip working as a power management chip. This will cut the current in half helping the chip to reduce heat and charging time.

2) An intelligent thermal balance will shape the current to follow the coolest path eliminating hot spots.

3) Safety feature will monitor the temperature of both the case & connector to stop overheating which can cause damage to the Type-C connector.

We can hope that the Quick charge 4+ will work as a better alternative to Quick Charge 4 and also soon it will be integrated into upcoming smartphones so that the number of smartphones using this tech is increased.

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