A quick glimpse of Apple’s iOS 11

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A quick glimpse of Apple’s iOS 11

Let’s take a look at Apple’s iOS 11

Apple has made their iOS 11 available in a public beta and it’s one of the biggest updates yet. So, let’s have quick look at all the best changes before you decide whether to install it or not; which you probably should.

Siri becomes more human

With the new update our beloved (and at times frustrating!) Siri gets a better and improved voice by using machine learning to sound more human. It can also now translate phrases into different languages, though that feature is still in beta.

But the handiest tweak is that Siri will now monitor your usage in apps like Safari, News, Mail, Messages, and others, learn from it and suggest more personalized search results.

New Lock screen, Notification Center, and Control center

Apple had made its biggest visual change in this update of iOS 11. They put the notification center on the lock screen. Scrolling down from the top of the screen will bring up your lock screen, but you can then swipe up to access your full list of notifications. It’s smart and clean.

And then there’s the new Control Center, AKA the quick settings panel when you swipe up from the bottom of your screen. All your settings are now in one place.

From these changes, it’s clear that Apple is going for a clean and easy on the eyes yet smart approach with their OS as before.

Sending money got easier with Apple Pay

You can now make person-to-person payments with Apple Pay.  Apple integrated it directly into iMessage. So, you can now send money to your iPhone user friends with just a click.

Right now Venmo is the most popular money-transfer service in the US. But Apple Pay’s new feature to send money right within a chat will give them and Facebook Messenger’s money sending feature a run for their money. There’s a little catch though. Unlike Facebook, however, transferred money is stored in a new Apple Pay Cash account by default. You can then use those funds to make purchases on the Web or using your Apple devices, or just transfer it to your bank.

Photos and Videos

Apple has made a lot of upgrades in this sections. Here’s a quick look:

  • Live photos now allow you to choose the best frame to use as the featured still.
  • Apple can now create seamless live photo loops using machine learning.
  • You can also use new machine learning tools to create long exposures without the need for a complicated tripod setup.
  • Videos now use HEVC compression instead of H.264, for “up to 2 times” greater compression. Images are using a new technology called HEIF to reduce file size on the iPhone 7.
  • Photos using the Portrait mode blur effect can now use optical image stabilization, flash, and HDR, making it more useful in various lighting conditions.


Apple Maps gets smarter

Apple has made some solid improvements to their Apple Maps. Most notable perhaps is their addition of airport and mall maps, including detailed floor plans and directories. No more searching for hours for a shop to find out it was just around the corner. It also shows how to get to security locations at airports.

They added lane guidance to navigation. It also has an on-screen speed limit indicator to show you how fast you are going.

On top of all this, a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature has also been added. It will provide you with an extra layer of protection. It blocks incoming notifications and actually turns off your screen. You can tap on your display to turn it back on. Your friends will get an automated response while calling you. And in a case of emergencies, the sender can set a message as ‘urgent’ to make sure you get it. Better yet, the feature can automatically detect when you’re in a car by analyzing Bluetooth, location, and Wi-Fi data.

App Store gets a new look

Throughout Apple’s updates, the App Store never got any upgrades; till now. The new UI features a ‘Today’ tab that shows you new apps. There are also tabs for games, apps, and updates.

Product pages for individual apps now highlight the most important details, so you can have the best idea in the shortest time.

A proper File Management app for iOS

Finally!!! Apple has given us a file management app for iOS. Till now we’d have to jailbreak our Apple phones to do any sort of proper file management.

The app allows you to access nested folders, recent files, search, and your choice of grid or list views as a topping. It’s also integrated with cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, Box, and DropBox.

FLAC gets some love

FLAC is one of the best audio formats out there right now and Apple has finally recognized it. We had to use third party apps to listen to this format previously. Now iOS 11 lets Apple’s devices play the file type natively. Less hassle, much freedom.

Get ready for QR coded future

We can see a surge in QR codes in near future. Apple’s camera app now comes with a built in QR code reader. Just point the camera at a QR code and you’ll see a pop-up toast with the information or link contained in the code.

Edit your screenshots

Now you can not only edit your screenshots but also edit them as you wish. After taking a screenshot you can cut out unwanted areas and add various put visual markers to it. You can even animate your screenshots with this new feature.


Play GIF

For many of us, GIFs are life (yes, I’m looking at meme lovers). But for iPhones, you had to use third party apps to see these. Now you can play them natively on the Photos app. Hogwarts moving picture is winning everything day by day.

iPad gets a MacBook efficiency

Apple made their Apple Dock on iPad much more useful with this update. You now have the freedom to include as many apps you like on the dock and can access it within any app just by swiping from the bottom of the screen. Using AI it even predicts which apps you want to open next.

But the most significant additions are the ‘Drag and Drop’ and split screen feature. You can drag any app from the Dock and drop it on the side of your screen to open it in slide-over mode.Moreover,  you can then switch between apps with just a swipe of your fingers. You can even drag and drop text and content between apps.

This feature eliminates a barrier and makes working on multiple apps so much easier, less time consuming and most importantly, fun. This is the most enjoyable and amazing feature of this update if you ask me. You can think yourself as Tony Stark while dragging and dropping contents.

Apple welcomes AR

Augmented Reality or simply, AR is the next step in the tech world. And till now Apple has deliberately excluded it. No anymore; Apple introduced their ARKit to make it easy for developers to integrate AR experiences to iOS devices using the built-in camera and sensors.


All being said, Apple really outdid themselves with iOS 11. And it’s a must have for every Apple users out there.



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