Snap Inc. is buying Zero Zero Robotics

4 months ago in AI Tech

Snap Inc. is buying Zero Zero Robotics which is a Chinese drone manufacturer. That means, Snap will able to track you using the software from distance. People buy the ‘Hover Camera Passport’ by Zero Zero robotics for $500. It is a small carbon fiber camera using facial recognition algorithms to track users. It makes sure… Read More »

Kuri vision robot with updated mobility system

4 months ago in AI Tech

Want a robot to watch your moves, then Kuri Vision robot is the right thing for you. It is still under development. Mayfield Robotics is producing this robot and they want people to use this robot at home. Kuri is a 20 inch tall robot. It is self-governing and can detect obstacles. Recently, Mayfield Robotics… Read More »

Self-driving Sushi (not literally)

5 months ago in AI Science Tech

Japan keeps making interesting technology that no other country thought of. The new addition to this list is the self-driving sushi delivery car. The ever-growing demand for home delivery has left many companies with a problem. They don’t have enough drivers to transport the goods. Hence, two Japanese firms have created a self-driving car that… Read More »

Master chef robot made by Moley Robotics

5 months ago in AI Food Gear

If your specialty dish is beans on toast, then it’s probably safe to say you’re not exactly a dab hand in the kitchen. Handily for you, UK-based Moley Robotics has invented a range of master chef robot, complete with stove, utensils, and oven and robot arms. The chef has been produced in collaboration with BBC… Read More »