Apple removes all VPN apps from China App Store

7 months ago in Apps Cyber

Apple took down All the VPN apps from China App store. Beijing appeared to have doubled down on its crackdown of the internet in China. This news is emerging over the weekend. Apple pulled out several virtual private networks services from the local version of the App Store which put Apple’s ongoing activities in China… Read More »

Project Nimbus : the New Software by Adobe

7 months ago in Apps

Project Nimbus the new software by Adobe got leaked Adobe announced it was working on a new project last year at its MAX conference. The project was Project Nimbus an all-new photo editing. It includes simplified tools as well as cloud storing and syncing capabilities for your files. The folks at MacGeneration noted that the company released… Read More »

Is This The End Of SoundCloud?

7 months ago in Apps Cyber

Yes the title you read is not a rumor anymore, SoundCloud is slowly dying. The Berlin based Swedish music sharing company has recently has shed a huge swathe of its workforce by closing offices in San Fransisco and also in London. They had just involved new hires some of those who had been working under… Read More »

MS Paint is Leaving Windows for a New Home

7 months ago in Apps Microsoft

Get ready to say goodbye to one of your childhood companion.  Microsoft has announced their next Windows 10 creators update named ‘Autumn’ (or ‘Fall’ in the US). This update will not feature MS Paint, a long running Windows app. According to the official blog of Microsoft, the paint app will “not be in active development… Read More »

Headspace – a Meditation App You Must Try

7 months ago in Apps

Headspace is a meditation app verified by many international outlets. They believe this app can make you aware of your thoughts and emotions. By meditating daily, you will be much calmer when stress will peek into your life. People with anxiety have reported the app to be effective which is an achievement for Headspace. Headspace… Read More »