Razer Lancehead – A great wireless mouse

6 months ago in Gear

Razer used to make gaming mouse before selling laptops. Then, the market got more competitors and Razer gave their full attention to gaming laptops. Now, they are trying to get back in the zone. Recently, they launched their new mouse naming it as ‘Razer Lancehead’. It has two versions. The first one is the standard… Read More »

Skeye Pico Drone to Play With Around at Home

7 months ago in Gear

Conventional drones small enough to be played around with at home SKEYE Pico Drone got a solution to that. Most commonly used drones are smaller than your average aircraft, they’re not exactly safe for work. They’re meant to soar through the skies, not careen around your coworkers’ cubicles.But if you really want to combat office boredom… Read More »

Low on Budget? Try This Headphone.

7 months ago in Gear

Phiaton- a headphone manufacturer company has launched something new for you. It is a new model of Bluetooth headphones. They named it ‘BT 390’. This headphone will not cost you a fortune designing in a way so you can afford it and use it while traveling or commuting. The foldable design will let you place… Read More »

A Chicken Box By KFC Which Is Also a Game Controller

7 months ago in Gear Mobile Tech

Today, the company started launched a to-go chicken box that works also as a Bluetooth game controller. KFC named it  ‘Gamer’s Box 2.0’. KFC is always on the verge of making weird gadgets and people always show interest in these projects. Mountain Dew sponsored KFC in their venture. So, if you buy the chicken box… Read More »