Google Pixel 2 Is Coming with Cool New Color Variants

5 months ago in Android Google Mobile

When Google released its ‘Pixel’ phones, it generated rather mixed reviews; especially in terms of looks. It was considered a bit ‘bland’. Now, Google is getting ready to release, Google Pixel 2, a second version of the phone. And rumors suggest it’ll be much more appealing and sleek that its predecessor. Based on the leaks,… Read More »

Google to Stop Scanning Personal Emails for Ad Delivery

5 months ago in Google

Google has recently announced that they’ll stop scanning personal emails on Gmail to deliver personalized ads to its customers. Google has recently announced that they’ll stop scanning personal emails. This doesn’t mean they will not see any ads, but Google will use other sources to collect data about customer’s preferences and interests to push ads.… Read More »

Google’s New Backup And Sync Feature

5 months ago in Apps Google

Earlier, Google launched Google Drive for Windows and Mac to backup your data. Now, Google is unveiling it’s new feature called ‘Backup and Sync’. It totally redesigned previous versions of Google Drive and added some nice extra features. Google Drive is one of the most popular tools for file storage and synchronizing it at the… Read More »

Google Will Release Cameras For 180-Degree VR Video

6 months ago in Google

Google will release cameras for VR Google will launch some new VR formats for YouTube.They will release cameras for 180-Degree VR video. They are calling them VR180 and they will produce it with a new line of cameras from Yi, LG, Lenovo as they meet VR180 standards. As we see the name VR180, the videos will… Read More »