Go retro with these 6 modern gadgets

7 months ago in Science Tech

Revive these 6 modern gadgets It’s true we’re living in 21st century and everything is made easy for us. But deep down we still love the techs we grew up with. Here are some modern gadgets that’ll take you back to those good old days. Classic gamer   All of us 90’s kids started gaming with… Read More »

Self-driving Sushi (not literally)

7 months ago in AI Science Tech

Japan keeps making interesting technology that no other country thought of. The new addition to this list is the self-driving sushi delivery car. The ever-growing demand for home delivery has left many companies with a problem. They don’t have enough drivers to transport the goods. Hence, two Japanese firms have created a self-driving car that… Read More »

You can pre-order Tesla’s solar roof tiles now

9 months ago in Science

Tesla was supposed to take up pre-orders of solar roof tiles from April this year which didn’t happen. A little late than what they said earlier. But you can place your order right now. Elon Musk announced this news on his twitter,   Tesla solar glass roof orders open this afternoon. I think it will… Read More »

New Technology for Fast-Charging Introduced by Lithium-ion Battery Inventor

9 months ago in Science

Advanced Technology Ensures Long Lasting, Fast Charging and Safe Battery At the Same Time The renowned co-inventor of lithium-ion battery emerges with another revolutionary battery. Yes, we’re talking about John Goodennough! He does really good enough when it comes to batteries. He has developed the first ever all-solid-state battery cells for cellphones, electric cars, and large-scale energy storage.… Read More »